Project templates - Change log


This report shows a log of the changes you have made on your project templates, where you have also selected to update the existing projects.

You cannot perform any actions in thus reports, it purely provides an overview of your changes and their status.


To start with, you need to select which period you will see the status of your changes for.

In the Filter, you select a period and click Show.

Next to the Show button, there is an arrow function which opens the opportunity to save the current filter or load and use previous filters.

In your personal page settings (click the gears icon in the top right corner), you can select if you want to see this filter as default each time you enter the report.

Hereafter, you get a status log of all the changes made in your templates and the linked projects.

The log is divided into the following sections:


Here you can see which project template you have changed.
If you have selected to update the existing projects as well, you will see which projects and if the update was successful or not.

Tap the + sign to see the details. You here see the project number and name.


Here you see what has been changed on your project.


Was your update successful, or was it not possible to update your template and/or the linked projects.

Date and time

Here is the time stamp for the update.

Special remarks

It is possible to save pre-defined filters in the Page settings (click the gears icon). It is also here, you set up what standard filter is pre-selected when you open the page, and if the page automatically loads the data contained in the standard filter when you enter the page.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023