ETC report – Submit


”ETC” means ”Estimate to Complete” and makes it possible for an employee to state his/her estimated outstanding work for a given assignment.


ETC Reporting

The screenshot, ETC Report – Submit, which is available under Reports serves as the project employee’s tool for reporting ETC to the project manager on the tasks/assignments of the given project employee.
When a given project employee reports ETC in TimeLog, this includes all actions up to and including the preceding day at 24:00 for the purpose of simplicity. This is referred to as the ETC date or the ETC time. 
If you are to report ETC on a Monday, you are to make your reporting in the state prior to the commencement of work on the given Monday. If an ETC of 10 hours is reported, this means that a number of 10 hours awaited completion on the task at midnight the day before.
 ETC report – Submit is structured as a report with a filter at the top and contents at the bottom.


Under View, the criteria are chosen for the tasks to be shown in the search string.

The filter View ETC reports after defines the ETC reports to be included in the screenshot. If you enter the date 15 June 2014, only tasks will be shown for which ETC has been reported on or after 15 June or later. Tasks for which no ETC ever has been reported or tasks with older ETC reports are not shown. Please note that this filter is available only if the view View all tasks on ETC projects has been chosen.

Under View, there are three options:

• Only view tasks for which time has been registered since the last ETC report delimits the search string to tasks for which time has been registered since the last ETC report (Standard)

• Only view new tasks awaiting your estimate delimits the search string to assignments for which no ETC has been submitted. This will typically be new assignments allocated since the last ETC report.
• View all tasks on ETC projects shows all assignments allocated to the user on ETC projects.

In addition to the choice between the above-mentioned views, the following may be elected:

• View completed tasks: To be selected if completed tasks are to be included.
 View task description: To be selected if the description of the relevant tasks is to be shown.

Contents: ETC report – submit

The table shows all relevant information related to ETC reporting on the tasks shown.
It is also at this stage that an updated Estimate to Complete (ETC) is to be submitted.
The table contains the following columns:

  • WBS (Work Breakdown): WBS number of the task.
  • Task name: Name of the task.
  • Progress: Shows the progress of a task calculated as the number of hours registered on the task in proportion to the existing Estimate at Completion (EAC).
  • Alloc.: Shows how many hours the project manager has allocated to you for the purpose of the relevant task.
  • Latest ETC: Shows how many hours estimated to be required by you to complete the task in your latest ETC.
  • New hours: Shows the number of hours you have registered on the task since the latest ETC.
  • In the column New ETC, you are to state the number of hours estimated to be required to complete the task. TimeLog makes an estimate equivalent to Latest ETC minus New hours, however, you should make the required changes to reflect the number of hours estimated to be required by you to complete the assignment (task).
  • In the column Uncertainty, you are to state any uncertainty surrounding your estimate by selecting one of the options from the action drop-down list. This column will be visible only if the functionality has been activated in the systems administration.
  • The column with the checkmark shows whether or not a task has been completed. If the symbol is green, the task has been completed. If it is grey, it still awaits completion. Click directly on the field to change the status of the task, from for instance uncompleted to completed.

Submitting your ETC report

  • Enter the number of hours estimated to be required by you to complete the task in the column New ETC. The number of hours estimated by TimeLog may be overwritten if you disagree.
  • If desired, write a comment on your change of the ETC by clicking on to the right of the text box. Your comment is visible to your project manager.
  • In the column Uncertainty, you are to state the certainty of your estimate by selecting one of the three options from the action drop-down list.
  • Click Save.


The ETC log shows the progress in an ETC submitted for a given allocation. The log is accessed by clicking the Action menu and the link Log to the right of a task in the contents section of the report.

The log contains the following information:

  • Date (ETC date): The date from which the ETC is effective.
  • Reg.: The number of hours registered up to and including the ETC date.
  • ETC (Estimate to Complete): Estimate to Complete as per the ETC date stated.
  • Uncertainty (red, yellow or green): Sets out the uncertainty surrounding ETC reported. Will be shown only if uncertainty has been activated in the systems administration.
  • EAC (Estimate at Completion): Shows the projected number of hours spent when the assignment has been finalised. EAC = ETC + Reg.
  • Progress: Progress of the relevant task estimated on the basis of EAC. 
    Progress = Reg. / EAC
  • Comments: Any comments submitted by the employee for the purpose of ETC reporting.


To the right of the table, there is a menu with a list of possible actions for the tasks stated under contents.
Tick the checkboxes for the tasks on which you want to perform the relevant action. Subsequently, select the action to be performed on the selected tasks.

The options in the action drop-down list Select Action are:

Delete latest ETC report
Deletes the latest Estimate to Complete for the tasks selected.

Change allocation status to completed or non-completed
Change the status of the selected tasks to completed or non-completed.

Change ETC uncertainty to
Change the uncertainty of the selected tasks to High, Medium and Low.


Farthest out to the right under Shortcuts, you have the link xx new tasks awaiting your first estimate. Use this shortcut if you want to see all the tasks awaiting your ETC.


Last updated 07 Jun 2023