You and your employees can crate travels including the expenses linked hereto.


Registering a new travel

When a travel report is created, the expenses are linked to a customer and a project. The report is used for internal settlement of employees’ travel-related expenses, and to invoice a customer for travels. Meals and accommodation can be included in the report.

Find travels under registrations

  • Select which Customer and Project to attach the travel expense to.
  • Enter details: Departure fromDeparture dateDestination and Travel Type.
  • Describe the Purpose of the trip. It will appear on the customer’s invoice. Click Save to create the travel.
  • The employee’s previous travels for the project will be listed in the table with Key Information and can be edited using the pencil and Edit to the right.

Travels are registered without VAT.

Specified expenses

  • Click the expense category Specified Expenses or the pencil to the right.
  • Enter the Date of the expense, Invoice No.Expense TypeCommentPayment Method and Cost incl. VAT. The VAT is automatically calculated.
  • Click the plus to add the expense to the project.
  • If the expense is without VAT, delete the VAT amount and click Update.
  • If a currency other than the default currency is used, the automatic currency converter is used to calculate the project currency. The applied exchange rate is shown in the field Exchange.


  • Click the expense category Allowances or the pencil
    Travel data is automatically entered, but can be edited if necessary.
  • Enter the amount of each meal type on the trip in the fields B (breakfast)L (lunch), and D (dinner).
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Rate.
  • Click the plus to add the allowances to the project.


The type Accommodation, unspecified is used to settle travels.

  • Click Accommodation, unspecified or the pencil.
  • Enter a descriptive text in the field Location and select a cost in Rate.
  • Click the plus to add the specification to the project.

Allowances and accommodation are configured in the System Administration / Registrations. All fields containing black text can be edited.

Delete a travel

  1. Navigate to the Travels page
  2. Select Employee, Customer and Project
  3. Find your travel in the list
  4. Click the trash can to delete the travel
  5. Click OK
Last updated 07 Jun 2023