Print personal expenses


You find the page under Register, and you use it to get an overview of and print your expenses for approval with your manager.


As part of the approval process in TimeLog, you can submit your expenses for approval to your manager. It is an advantage, if you have enabled approval of expenses in the system administration -> Approval processes. Then expenses are automatically shown for approval for the manager, as soon as you enter them in TimeLog.

If you run a manual approval process, where you need to sign the expense report, you can print the overview here directly from TimeLog.


On the top of the page in Filter, you select the criteria you want to search for. Next to the Show button, there is an arrow which opens the opportunity to save the current filter or load and use previous filters. You can collapse the filter, so you get more space for the expense list.

Reimbursement overview

In the results list, you see your expenses for the period you selected in the filter. If you cannot see the results you were looking for, you can change the Payment method and/or Approval status in the filter and search again.

In the top part of the page, you see the expenses you need to be reimbursed by the company distributed on:

  • Expenses: Expense registrations you have added directly to the projects
  • Mileage: The total number of km for your mileage registrations
  • Allowances: Your allowances, which you registered under Travels
  • Accommodation: Your accommodations, which you registered under Travels. E.g. if you have paid for hotel stays yourself
  • Specified expenses: Your expenses, which you registered under Travels. E.g. flight tickets or taxi receipts

All amounts are shown in the currency your TimeLog site is set up to use.

For each section, you see the details you have entered and saved in the system. If you have added a picture on your expense, you can see it via the marking under the paper clip. Please note: You may also see expenses that are paid by the company, and you do not get a reimbursement for those.

Under purchase price, you see the price entered in the currency you used for paying the expense. Next to it the amount is shown in the currency your TimeLog site is set up to use.

If you make use of the approval process in TimeLog, you can see the approval status to the right and see, if your manager has approved the expense already. It provides you with a good tool to follow up and check, if you have received reimbursement for all your expenses on the payslip.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023