Move allocations


This report is used to move an allocation, or part of one, from one employee to another.


View report

  • Under View, select the desired filters.
  • Under View options, select which additional columns you wish to include in the report.

Rearranging allocations

This report presents the tasks within the selected filter and a list of employees with their allocated tasks and hours.

  • In the Move to column, select the target employee for the hours.
  • In the Transfer column, indicate the number of hours to transfer from the existing allocation to another employee.

When finished, select whether to Move allocations or Split allocations.

If you select Move allocations, the entire allocation is moved to the selected employee, and the original allocation is reduced to the number of hours registered there. If no hours are registered on the allocation, it is deleted.

If you select Split allocations, the original allocation is reduced by the number of hours moved. The original allocation remains active.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023