Add resources to milestones


Get an overview of the milestones in your project plan.


You get to the overview by clicking the button Add resources to milestones in the top of project plan.

Here you have the option to search the list of milestones and see the completed milestones

You can complete milestones from the list, change owner and get a good overview of the status of each milestone.


Special remarks

Recurring milestones

(This special feature will be released to standard in 2020.)

If you use recurring milestones, you can create a main milestone that defines the owner and recurrence patterns, and then the system automatically creates the future milestones. You always see the milestones for the coming three months in the list.

In addition to the standard view, you can also change to see the single instances of each milestone.

Once the milestones are created, you can change the date or owner on each single instance. Please note: If you edit the main milestone, all future milestones are deleted and replaces by the changes you make.

If you change the status of the main milestone, you will automatically update all the instances. We therefore recommend to use the instances to indicate, if you have completed the milestones or not.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023