Edit invoice draft


You can edit a draft as long as it is not booked.


Edit options

When you look at your list of invoice drafts, you can edit a draft either by clicking Draft next to the customer name or by clicking the pencil to the right.

Thereafter, you have the option to

  1. Add or edit information about the customer
  2. Add or edit a P.O. no. and a Customer reference, if required
  3. Add or edit Invoice title, Headline and Message
  4. Add or edit Invoice information, e.g. Payment terms, Currency and VAT
  5. Add new invoice lines or edit the existing lines

At the bottom of the page, you see what has been registrered on your project. You have the option to add the registrations to your invoice draft either by clicking the plus to the right, or (if you have several registrations) by marking all lines to the right, selecting an action in the menu above the checkboxes and clicking OK.

Once you are done editing your draft, you can get a preview, so you make sure your invoice looks as expected. You may here select to mark Include invoice specification in preview, if you would like the specification to be shown together with the invoice itself.

When you have made sure that all information is okay, you may either clock Save, if somebody else need to look at the draft before you book it, or click Book, if the draft is ready for booking right away,

When you book your draft, the invoice is moved to the Invoice archive automatically.

Special remarks

All fields with a white background can be edited or changed to a different selection.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023