Product list


In the system administration -> Time and expense registrations -> Product list, you can set up the products you need for your recurring product sales.

(This special feature will be released to customers on Advanced versions in 2020.)


At the top, you can activate/deactivate the function and select to see active, inactive or all products in the list.

Add a new product

  • Click New product
  • Enter a Name
  • Select Unit type
  • Select Expense type
  • Select Payment method
  • Select Product number
  • Enter Cost price
  • Enter Sales price
  • Enter a Default comment to be used for the invoicing of the product
  • Click Save

Repeat the process for the products you want to add to your projects.

Maintain products

In the list, you can edit or delete products by clicking the pencil or trash can icons.

  • Click the pencil or the name of the product
  • Enter a Name
  • Select Unit type
  • Select Expense type
  • Select Payment method
  • Select Product number
  • Enter Cost price
  • Enter Sales price
  • Enter a Default comment to be used for the invoicing of the product
  • Click Save

You can mark single products in the checkboxes to the right and select to delete, activate or deactivate more products in one go via the Select action menu. Remember to click OK.

Last updated 11 Jun 2020