Copy tasks and milestones


With this functionality you can copy tasks and/or milestones within the same project. You can also manage the contract affiliation for the new tasks.


This functionality especially helps companies that need to repeat tasks on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, e.g. bookkeepers and auditors. Also companies that work with development processes where the same tasks are repeated per period or per overall task.

If you repeat tasks within a certain period, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. First create the tasks, milestones and contracts you want to repeat each period
  2. Thereafter you may select to copy the package the number of times you need it. When copying, the new copies are named after the period (e.g. January, February, March…) and time schedules and payment dates are automatically moved

With a few clicks, you can build up tasks, exact forecasts and quality assurance lists period for period during the duration of the contract.

How it works

First you need to decide, if you would like a simple or an advanced copy depending on your needs to change details in the copied task groups.

Simple copy

With a Simple copy, you must enter the Number of copies you want to make of the selected tasks/milestones. You must also select if they should be linked to the current contract, or if a new contract should be created for each period.

On tasks you can also select to Include allocations (milestones will always copy the responsible person).

Advanced copy

If you select advanced copying, you also get the opportunity to select if the period should be Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. At the same time, you must select when the First period starts.

Use existing names is selected as default under New task names, but you can also choose to use the period’s name. Milestones always keep the original names.

In the end, you can define dates for the new tasks and milestones. You do this under Date configuration, where Periods are moved relatively is selected as default. Here the dates are copied relatively compared to the originals and the periods selected.

You can also select the Advanced configuration, which enables you to define the tasks’ start and end dates, the new milestones’ dates and dates for e.g. payments, and define a possible adjustment with number of days. You can use both positive (+) and negative (-) number of days.

Special remarks

In this video we demonstrate how you can use our project templates for new projects.  

Last updated 11 Jun 2020