Debtor list – Invoices


Time and expenses can be invoiced via TimeLog's debtor list. The report lists the invoicing potential, invoice drafts, and booked invoiced by customer for the chosen period.


View options

  • Select the desired settings for the report by clicking Invoicing and Debtor list - Invoice. If nothing is selected, all approved project registrations will be shown.
  • Select a Standard Period in the drop-down menu, or enter the dates directly into the fields, or find them by using the calendar icons.
  • Click Show to create the report.

View options for the report

  • You can choose the currency in the top, right corner of the report. If Project currency is chosen, you will not see the total row at the bottom of the report.
  • The No. column shows the customer number and the Name column lists the customer name. Clicking the plus icon next to the customer number expands the table with the underlying project registrations, including project number and name. Clicking on the arrow > in the column Items shows the project registrations.
  • The Work column lists the value created by the project tasks settled using T&M (Time and Material) while the column Payments lists fixed-price projects and tasks.
  • The Expenses column lists registered Travels and Other (expenses) pr. project.
  • The BAR (booked as revenue) column lists work which has been booked as revenue, while Total lists the complete invoice potential for each customer, and when expanded, also for each underlying project.
  • The columns under Invoices list the value of current invoice drafts and booked invoice for the select period.
  • Clicking on the amounts in the columns Draft and Booked opens the report Search Invoice for the current customer and project. The new report lists all invoice drafts and booked invoices for the customer or the project.
  • Click on the Action menu (ICON) and [New Invoice] next to the customer name to invoice all outstanding projects with the customer. You can also click the Action menu (ICON) and [New Invoice] next to a project to invoice this project.
    If you choose to click New invoice next to the report Debtor list – Invoice, customer master data and project information are automatically added to the invoice draft.

Signal lights

The buttons next to each project number indicate the project’s invoicing status.

  • A red light indicates that the project registrations are not ready for invoicing.
  • A yellow light indicates that not all project registrations are ready for invoicing.
  • A green light indicates that all project registrations are ready for invoicing.

Red and yellow buttons are only a status indicator and cannot prevent the amounts from being invoiced.

Last updated 12 Oct 2020