Upgrade to the new version

With the new software version and the new product packages, it means that older versions of TimeLog’s software need to be closed down at some point. To begin with, it means that we no longer offer support on all older versions from 1 January 2020.

This means that if you would like our continuous help to solve your challenges, you need to change to our newest version during 2019. If you would like to be part of the planning process, please contact our upgrade team at upgrade@timelog.com.

Why don’t you upgrade me automatically?

With the new version, TimeLog introduced a new way to handle time registrations and data, why it is necessary with a controlled upgrade of your version.

At the same time, we have introduced new product packages, which makes it easier for you as users to select exactly what you need. After this controlled upgrade, all future updates of the system will run automatically as you are used to.


The new version offers many exiting features which can help you in your daily work. Below you see some of the significant additions.

  • A new and improved timesheet with automatic save and stopwatch functions
  • A new and improved approval process, where you can also approve absence
  • Option to use salary integrations to save time on manual work
  • A new mobile app for time and absence registration and expense management
  • A new and improved way to manage both personal and project expenses
  • A new TimeLog Tracker for Desktop compatible with both Mac and Windows computers
  • General performance and stability optimisations, especially in larger projects

What’s the process and what’s required from me?

The next step in the upgrade process is to find the optimal package matching your needs. Then, you need to select a weekend for the upgrade. TimeLog runs upgrades each Sunday to secure minimal influence on your daily work.

Friday before the upgrade, you need to carry out a few tasks in the system. Based on the upgrades we have done up until now, it will take about 30 minutes to prepare everything.

When you get back to work the Monday after the upgrade, the new version will be available and ready to use. There will be a pop-up for all employees in the system explaining the new design and providing a guided tour, so they quickly get started with their time tracking.

We would like to help you in the process

Our experience shows us that the optimal period to upgrade is a weekend between your invoicing periods to not make changes in the system during peak periods.

The upgrade of the new version is a good opportunity to check your processes to maximise your investment.

Most of our users make use of this offer, as it comes natural to make a service check of new and old functionality and thereby getting the optimal setup. The reason is that many of our users have used TimeLog for years where many internal changes to processes and work procedures have taken place. Therefore, we recommend a half day workshop with a consultant to make sure the system matches your processes.

We furthermore recommend you to discuss your needs and the optimal package with us, if you are in doubt. You also have the option to receive a test site with your data, so you can test and see the new version beforehand.

What are the next steps?

Contact us at +45 70 200 645 or write an e-mail to upgrade@timelog.com. Then we help you plan your upgrade.

Should we plan your upgrade? ​

Contact us at +45 70 200 645 or write an e-mail to upgrade@timelog.com. Then we will help you get started with the new version in the best possible way.