Re-open old weekly timesheets


Under Approval, you get an overview of the employees’ time and absence, which you need to approve. Here you have the opportunity to re-open an employee’s old timesheet.

This is only valid for TimeLog customers, who have tracked time in the system before 1. May 2017.  


When you have clicked the lightning icon and selected Re-open period, this window opens.

Here you can open an approved period, which is before the migration to the new time tracking, if there is a need to change the registrations for an employee.

You select an employee and a date interval, which is before the migration date, where you went from the old to the new time tracking. You can see the migration date in the window.

Please note that the employee’s changes will not affect the flex and salary calculations in the selected period, since all data is locked after the migration.It will only be visible on the projects.It is not possible to change registrations that have already been invoiced.

Special remarks

This menu will only be available in the lightning, if you have used TimeLog prior to 1. May 2017.

Last updated 16 Jun 2020