TimeLog Tracker Desktop - Beta


This is a list of the features available and planned in the beta version of the new TimeLog Tracker for Desktop first released 19 Mar 2019. The tracker will automatically notify you, when a new and improved version is ready for you.


What is TimeLog Tracker?

TimeLog Tracker is part of our cross-platform tracking concept, and it allows you to track project time on the fly and easily change tasks during the day. This helps you improve the accuracy in your time tracking enabling you to invoice more hours. The desktop tracker is synchronised with your TimeLog Mobile app and the web application, and you can start and stop registrations across platforms. 

If you already use our Mobile app, you are well-equipped to start using the Desktop Tracker, as it includes almost the same functionality and the same design features.

Development plans

We will update this page with the progress after every new system update which is usually rolled out every night to Tuesday.

As features are added, they will be moved from the "Features planned" section to the "Features implemented" section in the bottom of the page.

We hope you actively will help us with constructive feedback, so we can make sure the final version of the tracker will work in the best possible way. Feel free to use the comment box below, and please add your e-mail address, so we can get back to you in case we have questions or need additional input.

Please note: When the tracker auto updates, it will un-pin from the task bar. This is a bug in Windows and not something we can change, unfortunately.

You will then have to click Windows icon and type TimeLog to find the tracker. Then after starting it, you can pin the tracker again.

Features planned

We here list the features we plan to implement, and we aim to complete the items in the mentioned order.

  1. Validation of user-defined comment field
    If you in the time tracking setup have enabled the user-defined comment field, the tracker will make a validation compared to your settings in the system administration.
    Validation settings for user-defined comment field

  2. Add keyboard shortcut to go to search and to flip between "Search in my tasks" and "Search in all tasks"
    In settings, it will be possible to add keyboard shortcuts to start searching and to switch the search between the two search options.

  3. Add additional columns to the time registration list and make it possible for you to select columns
    Make it possible for you in the settings to control which columns are relevant to you to see in the time registration overview. E.g. customer, customer no., project no. and task no.

  4. Add option to edit time and comment directly in the time registration table
    - Lets you double click the time or the comment column of a time registration and hereby open an input field where the time or comment can be changed without having to open the edit panel.
    - It must be possible to change the comment without stopping the time registration.
    - Add a setting for you to decide the placement of the cursor when starting a new time registration.

Features already implemented

Here you get an overview of the features we have already implemented.

Please note: When the tracker auto updates, it will un-pin from the task bar. This is a bug in Windows and not something we can change, unfortunately.

You will then have to click Windows icon and type TimeLog to find the tracker. Then after starting it, you can pin the tracker again.

Features available from version 0.9.21 released 18 July 2019

  • Bugfix on the search bar functionality

Features available from version 0.9.20 released 16 July 2019

  • Add small text notifications on all actions so you know that the action was completed correctly
  • Add ability to track time on absence
    Make it possible to track time on absence and also create new absence registrations without starting time tracking on them. Note: It will not be possible to start a time tracker on absence codes that can only be registered in half and full days or absence that requires approval
  • Bugfix: Refresh of registrations

Features available from version 0.9.19 released 02 July 2019

  • Make it possible to change the date and task of the time registration
    When editing an existing time registration, you can change the task through a search flow and also change the date of the time registration.

Features available from version 0.9.18 released 28 June 2019

  • Bugfix on sync for active time tracker, financial data update and time registration list update

Features available from version 0.9.17 released 11 June 2019

  • We have optimised the tracker, and now it will hide the user's total billable hours, when Show billable hours in the timesheet is turned off in the system administration. 

Features available from version 0.9.16 released 24 May 2019

  • Bugfix of billable hours in create or edit time registration, save of correct hour input
  • Small improvements on error messages

Features available from version 0.9.15 released 18 May 2019

  • Add ability to "Search in all tasks"
    You will be able to switch between searching in all tasks or only searching the tasks already available to you (allocations).
  • Bugfix of tool tip got it button, keyboard navigation and the edit time registration panel

Features available from version 0.9.14 released 07 May 2019

  • Support for time tracking when comments are mandatory on time registrations
  • Create a time registration without starting a timer
    When clicking the plus icon on a task in the search results, you will create a time registration without starting the timer and without stopping the ongoing time registration. This will enable you to quickly enter your time registrations, if you have not started a timer before. It will also enable you to add registrations on other dates.

    Plus icon in search results
  • Add keyboard navigation from search to time registration created
    This will enable you to navigate the search results with the arrow down and arrow up keys and "click" start or plus icon through keyboard shortcuts. If you are used to working with the keyboard, this will save you a lot of mouse clicks and make your time registration more efficient.
    If you use the left and right arrows, you can also change between the search categories in the search list.

Features available from version 0.9.13 released 03 April 2019

  • No new features, only general bug fixing and improvements

Features available from version 0.9.12 released 03 April 2019

  • Minor user interface improvements
  • Bugfix of rounding when number of billable hours is set to 0

Features available from version 0.9.11 released 26 March 2019

  • Bugfix of rounding calculation in edit time registration view
  • Added a check to ensure that only one request can be sent to start or stop a time registration
  • Change button text from "Save and play" to "Save and start"
  • Fixed the problem causing the app to become blank, caused by connection failure when computer is in sleep mode or connection is out of service

Features available from version 0.9.1 released 19 March 2019

  • Search flow for customers, projects and tasks
    The new search flow for customers, projects and tasks

  • Starting time tracking by clicking the play button on a task in the search results
    Start your registration with a click on a button

  • The time tracking status window shows the active time registration including the comment
    See your active registration at the top

  • Date navigation works by clicking arrows back and forth and using the calendar
    Easy date navigation with the calendar

  • Clicking start / pause icon task in today’s time registration list will re-start/pause time tracking on the time registration
  • Clicking start icon on a task on a previous day will start time tracking today on a copy of the time registration
  • Settings to control if customer number, project number and task number should be shown in the search results
    Your settings are available behind the person icon

    Select your personal settings
  • Delete time registration by clicking the trash can icon. The system will ask you to confirm deletion of the registration before executing the action
    Delete your registration by clicking the trash can

  • Implement possibility to edit the time registration's basic properties by clicking the pencil icon. The options you see here depend on your settings in the system administration.
    Your settings may differ depending on the settings in web

  • The totals section at the top calculates the total number of registered hours per day, and also shows the billable values, if it is enabled in the settings in the system administration of the web application
    View the number of registered hours and the billable amounts
  • Add "Save & Play" button to the new and edit time registration window
    When creating or editing a time registration, there will be an extra button "Save & Play". When you click it, the time tracking is started on the task directly after the registration has been saved, like you no it from the stopwatch in the web application. In this way, you can start time tracking from a specific time, if you have already been working on the task for a while, e.g. 30 minutes.
  • Already planned absence registrations from the web or Mobile app will show on the date it takes place, and you are able to change the duration directly in the Tracker for Desktop.
    Your planned absence shows in the Tracker
Last updated 22 Jul 2019