Under Time you can both track your work time on projects and your absence. You have the opportunity to get a good overview of your time tracking, so you can correct it, if needed.


How to use the timesheet

Fast track

On the top left on the page, you have the Fast track search field, where you can search for a specific task, customer or project, which you would like to track your time on. When you have done your entries, the registration is automatically saved in the timesheet. If you click the burger menu to the left or Advanced search to the right, you will be able to narrow down your search.

The timesheet itself

The timesheet lists the projects you are either allocated to or have been working on previously. Here you both see the registrations you make directly in the timesheet, and the registrations you make via our time tracking applications. When you enter your hours, they are automatically saved when you leave the field and the save is shown with a green indication. It makes it easy and fast for you to track time. Please note that you have the opportunity to mark the single registrations as billable or non-billable by using the $ icon on the registration, if it is enabled in the system administration. You can also use the checkmark to mark the task completed. It also has to be activated in the system administration.

You can change the period you are looking at by clicking the calendar icon. A week is shown as default, and you can change it to e.g. one day, two weeks or a month. You can get a good overview of your work by selecting a month and look at your past registrations. You have the opportunity to hide weekends, so they as default are not shown in your timesheet. You can always see them by clicking the line next to Friday.

Next to each project and each task you have a burger menu, which includes different options. You may e.g. see information about the project, customer and the task.

To the left for each task, you have a star, which allows you to mark the task as favourite. It is good to use, if you have many different tasks, and a few that you always use. When you have marked the tasks as favourites, you can use the menu in the top right corner to select to view favourites only. It provides you a better overview of the timesheet, and you will only see the tasks that are relevant for you here and now. You can always change the view, so you get the full overview again.

To the right of the page you also have the opportunity to change view, if you only want to see a list of the registrations you have made in the period. Both views enable you to collapse all registrations and projects, so you can get an overall overview of how much time you have registered within the period. If you only want to collapse a few project, you click the project names. You can also track time in the detailed timesheet by using the Fast track search field.

In the Budget column, you see how many hours you have been allocated for the task and how many you have spent already. The bar changes colour depending on how many hours you have spent:

  • Up to 80 % = Green
  • Up to 100 % = Yellow
  • Above 100% = Red
  • Completed = Grey

If you mouse over the bar, you will see your exact allocated budget and how many hours you have left in relation to the already completed work on the task.

Time tracking

You can track time via the Fast track search field, or you can enter the hours directly in the fields in the timesheet, where they are saved automatically. When you enter the hours, you can click the small triangle to add a comment. Here you will also see the user defined comment field, if you have enabled it in the system administration. In the system administration, you also have the opportunity to mark comments on time registrations mandatory; this can be done on the single tasks on the projects. If you have enabled the feature, the comment field will pop up automatically, so you can enter the comment right away. You can also define it under your Personal settings (the gears icon).

At the comment field, you can also enter if the registration is billable or not, and you find direct links to registration of expenses and mileage on the project. 

If you have the Invoicing Advanced edition, you also have the ability to state how many of the tracked hours are billable.

The feature is activated in the system administration on the project invoicing page, and it appears in the comment box in the timesheet only. You will not see it in the Tracker apps. You can even use it on fixed price, so the completion is based on billable hours, which only results in lower value creation, if the user writes down the number of hours.

When you have entered your hours, you send submit them for approval via the button in the top right corner.

Time tracking with stopwatch

The stopwatch enables you to start and stop registrations directly from the detailed timesheet. You or your system administration enable it in the system administration, and you then have the option to select the stopwatch in your personal settings, which you find by clicking the gears icon.

In this video we demonstrate how you use the stopwatch for your time registration.

You can start registrations from the Fast track field. If you enter a comment here, the comment is linked to the registration right away, and it appears when you stop the registration. If you enter a number of hours on the registration and start the stopwatch, it will continue the count from there. Please note: Only one registration can run at a time.

When you look at the detailed timesheet, you can use a registration from earlier to start a new registration today. If it contains a comment, it will be added to the registration as well. You click the play button to start, and the system asks you to confirm that you would like to start a new registration with today’s date.

You can see that the stopwatch is running, if you see numbers next to the icon to the left of the super search field. It will follow you around the system, when you navigate to different pages.

If you start a time registration and close the browser, the stopwatch will keep counting until you open the browser again and stop the registration. If we pass midnight, the stopwatch automatically stops the registration from the day before and start a new one for today.

See a demonstration of how the stopwatch works:

Absence registration

You track your absence by entering the hours in the field, and you can click the small triangle to leave a comment. The entries are saved automatically, when you leave the fields.

If you need to track absence for a longer period of time, you can click the burger menu. Here you also have the opportunity to remove approved absence, if you later need to e.g. change your vacation.

Submitting hours for approval

You submit your hours for approval by clicking the button Submit for approval, which opens a new window. Here you select the period you would like to submit. It may be a single day, a week, a month; it is up to you and the processes you have in your company. You also have the opportunity to add a comment to the period, which your manager will see during the approval process.

What happens, if my manager rejects the hours?

If you manager rejects your hours, they are marked with yellow in the timesheet. You will also see why your registrations where rejected, if your manager has written a comment for you.

More features in the lightning

If you click the lightning in the top right corner of the page, you will find more features. E.g.:

  • Approval status for period – Here you see an action log of the approval of your hours
  • Print for approval – Here you get a print-friendly timesheet, if you need to print the overview
  • Copy last week’s registrations to this week – If you have worked on the exact same tasks, you can save time by copying your registrations

Special remarks

Personal settings

If you click the gears icon, you have the opportunity to select your personal settings for the page. Here you may e.g.:

  • Select default view incl. period and tasks
  • Mark your personal preferences for the timesheet

I cannot edit my registrations in the timesheet, what to do?

If the field is grey, it means that you have made more than one registration on the task on the same day. This happens if you use several time tracking applications. If you change to the detailed timesheet, you have the opportunity to edit and delete registrations.

Last updated 23 Oct 2019