TimeLog Implementation Power - We are your extra resource!

With TimeLog Implementation Power, we visit you and take care of everything from internal support, training of new employees and process descriptions to discussions about the utilisation of TimeLog’s data.

Are you key employees already fully booked with other tasks than implementation of or follow up on TimeLog? Then let us help you reach your targets and exploit the data which you can base strategic decisions from.

Help in a busy everyday life

With this continuous agreement, you “rent” a TimeLog consultant as an extra resource to help you support and train the employees. We can also take care of the internal support on the days, where we do not visit you.

The consultant furthermore keeps the management up to date on the progress of the investment in TimeLog and discusses reporting, training or documentation needs.

Implement new features

We know that in a busy everyday life, you do not necessarily keep track of all the new features and processes, even if they may be profitable for your business. We therefore help you evaluate and adjust your TimeLog setup as your company grows and develops. We make sure that you implement new functionality which is useful for your processes and business.

We make a tailored solution

We make a framework agreement covering the extent and content. We often visit you on fixed (whole) days, typically 1-2 times a month. We adjust the frequency on an ongoing basis to match your needs. In this way, we together make sure that TimeLog is implemented and run optimally with a minimum of time consumption from your key resources, so you get the planned return of your investment.

Want to know more?

Contact us via +45 70 200 645 or consult@timelog.dk and learn more about a tailored process matching your needs.

Invest in Implementation Power and get:

  • Contiuous access to expert help – And help to operate and optimise TimeLog. The consultant is in your company and environment.
  • Support help – We take care of all internal TimeLog support.
  • Continuous discussions – We discuss your key figures and TimeLog data with the management on an ongoing basis
  • Continuous training – We e.g. conduct continuous training sessions, make guides and update the intranet