Get your own TimeLog help

Save time on creating internal manuals. Let us take that burden off your shoulders, so you can spend your time on other activities.

Support your own processes in TimeLog’s help

TimeLog is a standard system, and we offer different types of general online help for all users. Sometimes there may be a need for you to create your own manuals for your employees. You may e.g. want that they use the system in a specific way by filling out specific fields that are important for your reporting and general data quality.

We know that it can be hard work to create manuals and other types of help. On top of this, you have the ongoing maintenance when we expand the functionality or change a little in the existing setup.

Another challenge is that your manuals are placed on a drive, intranet or printed and placed in a drawer somewhere. Our help is directly in the system and thereby right at hand when the need arises.

Let us make your guides in TimeLog

To give our users a good understanding of how to navigate in TimeLog, we offer our interactive guides, which you can find in the system in the bottom, right corner under "Chat & Guides". These are based on best practice and a general walk through the system.

However, you can order your own specific guides, which are only visible for your organisation and thereby guide your employees in the way you want them to use TimeLog in the daily work.

We can also create so-called ShoutOuts, if you e.g. want to introduce a new guide or process to all employees. They thereby receive a message when they log into TimeLog, and it can guide them depending on your needs. All texts are written by you, so they are in your style and terminology.

What happens in connection with new releases?

We are responsible for the maintenance of the help, so it works with all future versions of TimeLog. Then you do not need to spend time updating your internal manuals each time something changes in TimeLog; we take care of that and keep your help up to date at all times.

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